Virgin Islands PIRG researches information pertinent to defined priority areas. Objectives of our research is directed to advancing and improving the social and economic possibilities of Virgin Islanders going forward. The Group also promotes civic responsibility, and the responsibilities associated  with citizenship. VI PIRG advocates closer linkage between Virgin Islanders and US mainland residents with emphasis on inspiring those of us born in the United States to begin the journey of discovering their ancestral roots in the Virgin Islands…

Therefore Virgin Islands PIRG, is interested in reaching out to residents in the United States and encouraging them to explore their roots in the VI. We are pleased to be helpful as they explore the prospects of an introduction journey.

The Virgin Islands PIRG, Steering Committee is comprised of residents in the states and Virgin Islands of varying disciplines, backgrounds and interests.

March 31, 1917 marked the 100th anniversary of Transfer Day, wherein the United States purchased from Denmark, the Danish West Indies now known as the Virgin Islands of the United States. The following interview by Gary James and Celeste Fahie conducted by the Virgin Islands National Park Service.

Part 1 interview https://youtu.be/wrLkTFGChAU

Part 2 interview https://youtu.be/cx75JxZyd2E