Senior Citizens: Senior citizens have much to contribute to society based on the years invested and or spent navigating and surviving life’s abundant challenges. Moreover, senior citizens are great assets in the important process of youth development. Aiding senior citizens to continue making a contribution to society is an important VI PIRG objective.

Youth Development: Providing structured and constructive activities for young women and men is critical in their development process. VI PIRG is focused on providing support services to youth organizations, teams, schools, agencies etc. by engaging in fundraising activities to help facilitate transportation of youth to competitive events in pursuit of sport and academic excellence.

Computer Literacy: VI PIRG is supportive of computer literacy programs provided by churches and not-for-profit organization, and others directed to senior citizens and youth. We assist by way of helping with fundraising initiatives, and proposal writing and research grants development.

Entrepreneurship: One is never too old or too young to engage entrepreneurship! Apart from the value of engaging the entrepreneurial creative process, the practical reality of having lifelong gainful employment is remote at best. Moreover, entrepreneurship and business has the potential to grow and pass from generation to generation. Opportunities are made, and pursued hence, good luck has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Civic Responsibility: Leaving political leadership to elected officials and politicians has taught us well the importance of citizen activism and responsibility, and we continue to learn. Civic education and neighborhood organization go hand and hand with civic responsibility. All Virgin Islanders of eligible age must be registered to vote in the political party of their choice, and must vote their preference during the primary as well as the general election.

Information Clearinghouse: VI PIRG accesses a comprehensive data base of a broad scope however the VI PIRG component specializes in information peculiar to the Virgin Islands of the United States, and Caribbean.